Client Testimonials

We are very proud of what our clients are saying about us and are proud to share it with you.

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  • My Mom had therapy with you in 2004 following hip replacement. She was 84 years old at the time. Your Work-Fit physiotherapy team in Georgetown was wonderful with her and she enjoyed time spent at ‘the gym’ as she called it. I’m currently 72 years old and just as grateful for your encouragement, patience and assistance!


  • Before my physiotherapy with Jody, I had seen an orthopaedic surgeon and was told that whenever the pain became too much, I should have a hip replacement. I decided that exploring other possibilities would be an excellent idea. My friend had a wonderful experience at Work Fit and referred me to Jody. My first appointment with Jody was very positive and she began seeing me on a regular basis. She slowly introduced various expercises as well as other techniques. My improvement has been amazing. When I first began with Jody, I could not easily stand from a sitting position and getting out of a car to a standing position was extremely difficult. Now I can stand wityout any problem and my hip function has improved so much that I am no longer considering surgery. I hope that anyone having mobility difficulities sees Jody before having any procedure. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about my experience with Jody. Jody and the staff at Work-Fit are wonderfully supportive. I owe Jody a huge debt of gratitude for my current mobility.


  • Happy senior man

    As a senior approaching 85 years of age, I have had the opportunity of encountering and working with diverse groups of people since graduating with a BSc in Civil Engineering from the University of Alberta in 1954. I was introduced to the Physiotherapy Group through my wife who has had therapy for a shoulder problem and a muscle problem with her left leg following a hip replacement. She constantly raved about the treatment and care she was given in therapy. I rarely encountered a group of people so dedicated, knowledgeable, caring and kind in helping people with all kinds of problems, as in this group, thus making this department one that the Oakville Hospital can be very proud of. Thank you for helping me enjoy walking again

    Milton P,

  • Linda

    Dear Tina: Thank you so much for all of the hard work you have put into my recovery. When I was first sent to see you, I was so afraid I would be left dealing with the pain in my elbow for the rest of my life and it was a terrifying thought. Within a very short time I discovered how lucky I was to have been sent to you. You were always so supportive and it just helped the fear to vanish. I really can’t say enough about how professional and knowledgeable you are. You answered all my questions and id absolutely everything you could to help me. I've seen you absolutely run off your feet while dealing with difficult people and situations. I was constantly amazed at how cool, calm and professional you remained while dealing with everything that was thrown your way. You really are a credit to your profession. They are so lucky to have you. Your sense of humour and all the stories we shared made coming to each session so much more enjoyable. Sincerely, Thank you,

    Linda S,

  • Lisa

    Jody is terrific, very motivating. The home visits are doing what needs to be done. My mom is definitely much better, walking and standing straight. Both of my parents are doing the exercises. I like how clear she was with my Dad about using the cane/walking stick.  


  • David W

    After having sat through similar physiotherapist working with Margaret, I must say that Jody is a true professional and uses her authority and skill to reassure the patient with positive feedback. Jane looks like a perfect match for Margaret's needs and she already presented herself at the care desk to have a heating device warmed up for application to hips and knees. Previous interventions of this type have failed due to lack of consistent application and the therapist not having any meaningful relationship with the client. Margaret said she would do the exercises and was wanting Jody to come back.

    David W,