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Our Work-Fit Total Therapy Blog

An ongoing series of rehabilitation articles to help you "Get Better and Stay Better"

The Five Key Benefits of Physiotherapy — and Why You Should Start Right Now

February, 2021

Is an acute or chronic pain condition currently affecting your daily life? Whether it be neck pain, recovering from an on-the-job accident or a sports injury, it might be time to consider physical therapy for pain relief and management.

At Work-Fit Total Therapy Centre, our physiotherapists have provided over 30 years of care across three rehabilitation clinics located in Georgetown, Milton and Oakville Hospitals. With expert knowledge in human movement, Work-Fit physiotherapists employ a wide range of non-invasive, evidence-based practices to not only help with symptom management, but provide an individualized treatment plan to ensure a pep back in your step.

Often patients wait too long to seek out pain relief assistance, leading to debilitating chronic pain that can last a lifetime. Jody Strik, Director of Outpatient Clinics stresses the importance of visiting a physiotherapy clinic as soon as possible, “Don’t leave it too late. We often go through treatment so the condition doesn’t become chronic. Even if you think it’s something minor, we can help put you on the road to recovery.”

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Healthy Habits to Instill Perfect Posture

April, 2021

Perfect posture lays the groundwork for any movements that affect your daily life. Perfecting your stance can help prevent all kinds of potential pain points, such as in your back, hips, neck and knees. It’s not only great for overall physical health, studies show that posture helps exude confidence and improves mental health as well.

After a full year of working from home in the face of COVID-19, many are suffering from poor posture––especially those who work from the couch or the dining room table. Perhaps it’s time to take a moment to re-examine your posture when both sitting and standing. If you need expert help, Work-Fit Total Therapy Centre is a full service rehabilitation clinic located in the Georgetown, Milton and Oakville Hospitals, providing exceptional service for over 30 years. The centre offers a state of the art gymnasium to maximize functional training, as well as work conditioning and hardening to improve pain spots (like sore backs!).

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5 Ergonomic Rules to Live By When Working From Home

June, 2021

The year of 2021 brought dramatic changes to the workplace, mainly the rise of working from home. And now, a year later it seems that remote work isn’t going away anytime soon. If you’ve been putting off updating your home office, now is the time to ensure an ergonomic workspace for long term success. 

We all know working from home can lead to a sedentary lifestyle, but did you know it can lead to long term health problems, such as back pain, sore wrists, fatigued eyes and even carpal tunnel? The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety stresses the importance of incorporating stretching exercises into your work routine, along with a proper workstation to prevent poor posture and reduced blood circulation. Convinced yet? 

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