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The Fit for Life Friday sessions at the Work-Fit Total Therapy Centre are excellent. First of all, it is exceptional value for the $10 fee. Also, the one hour the Centre is available to us is just the right amount of time. I am there for general overall fitness, plus I do have Osteoporosis so the exercise regime is excellent for maintaining and improving my bone density. The variety of equipment is excellent and I like the fact that it is supplemented with the tension bands, balls of various sizes, mini trampoline, and the rocking platform, all of which I use intermittently. The facility is open and bright so it is a pleasant place to be. What is most exceptional is that the session is supervised by a physiotherapist and run by a Physiotherapy Assistant. I like the fact that she has not only recommended an exercise routine, but she also makes sure we are all using the equipment appropriately and also that we aren’t straining our hurting ourselves with what we are doing. I have been doing the sessions for about 6 weeks now and the physiotherapy Assistant has suggested some different things each time in addition to continuing to monitor what I am doing with the core regime I have established. I also like the description on the invoices. I am able claim these on my extended health plan because of my Osteoporosis so the fact that it shows Physiotherapy Treatment is excellent. That said, because of the monitoring the physiotherapist does, it really is a treatment which makes it so very much better than private clubs or the YMCA at which you are either on your own or overseen by fitness people only. ...Anonymous

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  May be covered by your Extended Health Care

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