Pfilates Program

Restoring Form & Function:

Pfilates is an evidence based exercise program which assists in the re-training and strengthening of the muscles around the pelvic floor and abdominal area. It was developed by Dr. Bruce Crawford, an American Urogynecologist.  It has been developed to both prevent and treat pelvic floor disorders.  Over time, pelvic floor and abdominal muscles may become stretched and weak, a condition exacerbated by pregnancy, childbirth, chronic constipation, repetitive heavy lifting, hormonal changes, aging, overall de-conditioning and certain medical conditions, such as obesity, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and eating disorders.  If these muscles are weak, you may experience pelvic/back pain or involuntary leakage of urine or fecal matter, or pelvic organ prolapse (POP).  An overactive bladder, is a condition characterized by urgency and frequency with or without incontinence, may also be exacerbated by a weak pelvic floor.  Pelvic floor disorders are an extremely common condition, which are under diagnosed and treated due to the stigma and societal barriers surrounding them.

What To Expect:

  • A one on one program with a Registered Physiotherapist who is a Certified Pfilates Instructor.
  • The program consists of a series of ten movements broken down into three phases: beginner, intermediate, and advanced.
  • Each exercise includes a series of repetitions followed by a series of pulses, during which peak pelvic floor engagement is achieved.

All participants in the program can purchase a pfilates package which includes: • DVD • Exercise Ball • Instructional Exercise Booklet. 


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