Pool Programs

Our therapeutic 90 degree salt-water pool offers a variety of classes that are designed to increase range of motion, flexibility, strength and endurance. Research shows that aqua therapy relieves stress on joints. Our rehab hydrotherapy fitness instructors will help you reach your goals and recommend a program that’s right for you.

Oh My Aching Body - Gently AquaFit
Gentle movements geared towards those who suffer from arthritis, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, parkinson’s and chronic pain, that are looking to increase their range of motion, muscular strength and joint lubrication in a safe environment.
Aqua Yoga - Tai Chi
A gentle and very low impact aerobic activity. A combination of yoga, tai-chi and pilates movements that are adapted to water while focusing on increasing flexibility and core strength.
Boot Camp - AquaFit
A challenging higher impact class involving full body motions and resistance equipment. This class focuses on interval circuit training which challenges your balance, cardio, core, endurance, agility, power and flexibility.
Total Joint - PhysioFit
Gentle exercises designed specifically for those who are having or have had hip, knee or shoulder surgery and want to increase their mobility, strength and function.

For this service to be covered under your benefit plan, an assessment needs to be done by one of our physiotherapists.

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