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OMG, these people and the acility are amazing. I've been to several places for different reasons, and this one in the Oakville Hospital is outstanding. I like a place I feel safe and welcome to. The work out area is huge. There are lots of private treatment beds for one on one care, which is big on my list. I can't say enough about my cheerleaders at Work-Fit Total Therapy Centre. I couldn't be where I am today after my total knee replacement without her.

Jessi M

I broke my ankle this summer and as the fall came along physiotherapy became the next step, with not a log of good options in my community (Niagara Region) a friend suggested the team at Work-Fit. Very good experience and walked away with a better understanding of the benefits and personal impact of having good physiotherapy support in rebuilding the strength in my leg and ankle. Thank you.

Jason M

Very helpful facilities. Friendly staff. Best result for my pain. I feel amazing.

Janet H

I have used Work-Fit Total Therapy Centre for 2 separate injuries over the past year. In both instances, I received exceptional care from the Work-Fit Team. My bout with vertigo last summer was a very unsettling experience. With only 3 treatments, I was helped alleviate all my symptoms. In February, I injured my knee in a fall on the ice. The Physiotherapist was able to diagnose my injury and provide me with both the appropriate care in the clinic and a great home exercise plan to help me return to my normal, pain free self! Thanks again for all your personal attention to help me get better. I will definitely come back to Work-Fit again in the future!

Judy S

Very helpful and prepared to answer all questions. Explained Work-Fit requirements clearly. Altogether, a friendly relaxing experience with the physiotherapist. Thank you,

Jackie S

Amazing! Worked with one of the physiotherapists for 7 weeks! She was very knowledgable and I felt very comfortable with her! Highly recommend Work-Fit.

Mike R